From Zero to Hero

Providing the best CGI industry focused training for our students. The 2 years program is carefully designed for individuals to kickstart an exciting career in animation, game and film VFX industries. Once you graduated from our program, you will be hired as an artist to work on Hollywood production!


为学生提供最好的CGI行业的培训。 这两年的课程是精心设计为学生营造职业生涯在动画,游戏和电影特效行业。一旦学生从我们这两年的课程毕业, 学生将被聘请为一名美工参与好莱坞制作项目!


3D Generalist Track

3D generalists track covers all aspects of 3D digital production from animation, games to silver screen. This track prepared students with a strong skill sets and visual art foundation that demands from the Entertainment industry.

三维制作创做让学生备有视觉艺术的基础和制作的技能. 学生将掌握到好莱坞制作的要求。

Environment Track

Environment track will guide students through the process of asset creation for digital production in  games, animation and silver screen.

学生们将学习如何从概念设计到制作三维物件与场景振合的专业窍门展现在游戏, 动画和电影领域。

Character Track

Character track will be focusing from concept to developing characters for 3D features, games, animation and silver screen. Students will develop a strong understanding of fundamentals of anatomy, sculpture, form and details.

学生们将学习如何从创做角色概念到制作创做提供给游戏, 动画和大银幕。课程里提供美术基础, 人体构造, 雕塑和视觉形式的技能。

Animation Track

Animation track will guide the students to develop story telling techniques, pre-production development and technical skill sets they need to be successful in this competitive industry.


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